Willpower: Ladder to Success



"I can't control it, I want to check my email. It was disrupting my productivity at work and annoying my boyfriend too. I set a goal: check emails once an hour. After the first week, I did not come even close to my goal, My impulse controlled me."



I was a stay-at-home mom of three girls. I was exhausted by the demands of parenting, and frazzled by the girls' discovery of the word "No!". I want to be a better parent. But I was yelling out of frustration for what the boys were doing.


"I woke up at five-thirty a.m., the first thing I did was to check my work e-mail at my kitchen table. I headed off on an hour-long commute to put in a ten-hour day. By six p.m., I was already drained. I wanted to start my own consulting business, But most evenings I was too tired to make much progress on my business plan."

Do you have similar problems? do you have the same confusion? 
They need willpower, They need to think: what is I Want, whether it helps my goal, can I say: I Won't? What Will I do!
This is: I Will. I Won’t. I Want.

Let the willpower bracelet help you achieve your goals